About the Journal

Pabbura: Reasearch Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal published by Sao Literasi Publisher, a unit managed by the Yayasan Pendidikan Khaerul Munif. This journal publishes articles two times a year (August and December). Pabbura is an open access and peer-reviewed journal. Pabbura is a journal that will share works in the field of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. 

Pabbura is open-ended, this means that anyone can submit articles. Pabbura management expects that the articles submitted are from their own work and have never been published in other media/journals.

TIMELINE: Papers can be submitted to the journal at any time, but submitted papers are batched and reviewed in cycles with strict deadlines. Pappaseng uses the following cycles for each volume:


* Notification of Receipt: within a week after submission.

* Notification of Acceptance: 6 weeks.

* Revised submission: 4 weeks.

* Final Notification: 2 weeks.

* Publication: Last week of August/December